I started windsurfing on a flooded gravel pit in Holland in the eighties, and got hooked. I moved to be nearer the sea during my studies, travelling all over the world in search of wind and waves. Paddle boarding is a relatively new sport, and has become very popular owing to its accessible nature and the ability to make it as easy or hard as you like. It’s also a good complement to windsurfing.

Combining my passion for board sports and my skills as a boat builder is ideal for me. All my products are made by hand to a very high standard, and the boards are no exception. I only use quality materials and glues, and I am constantly refining my board building techniques in search of perfection.

Western red cedar is a popular wood choice for the boards as it is light and has great aesthetic beauty, and texture when coated or glassed. Other timbers are also used, and provide contrasting colours and interesting design options. I also intend offering wooden inlays to offer an additional aesthetic feature, and the ability to create a truly unique, bespoke board that is as personal as it is beautiful and functional.

The boards are constructed around a frame cladded in a thin layer of wood, and then glassed with epoxy resin and varnished or polished to a high gloss.

I offer a range of boards ranging from a 14 foot flatwater board to a 9 foot wave SUP (stand up paddleboard). I also offer wooden surfboards in a variety of sizes and shapes. Feel free to pop in and have a look, or if you have an idea you’d like to discuss, get in touch.



  • Given the highly bespoke nature I prefer to meet in person to discuss wood type, size, use, finishes etc. prior to an order being placed
  • Deposit required
  • Lead time is typically 6-8 weeks
  • I can arrange for shipping, although with these items I do prefer clients to collect their boards